Makerscientists create science from everything around them. Are you ready to become one?

21st Century kids need 21st Century Skills. Hop in the STE(A)M community and experience Science like never before. Learn, explore and invent science projects every week with simple household materials and become a design thinker in no time.

We provide monthly theme-based courses on a variety of topics and opportunities for kids to keep their curiosity spark alive with engaging live workshops.

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Next Session

Giant Leap To Mars – Mars Orbiter Mission – January 22th

Eligibility to join the Club

Age: 7+ years and above

Grade Studying: Grade 2 & above

Medium of Instruction: English

Mode of Delivery: Zoom and YouTube Live Classes

Session Delivered Every Saturday!

Schedule of Events in January

Topic: Ancient Knowledge of Indian Astronomy

1-Jan – Chandrama-Our Companion
8-Jan – Our Superstar-Surya
15-Jan – Grahas & Saur Mandala
22-Jan – Giant Leap To Mars – Mars Orbiter Mission

Weekend Online Science


  • Classes only on Weekends.

  • Mix of Live classes, science festivals, Homemade STEM-based science projects, access to our learning management system, science games, STEM certified certificate for each course and more.
  • Exciting new topics every month.

What classes are part of Science with Makerscientist

Hands-on Activities

Interactive zoom sessions

Engage in practical learning

Make your own science working models

Build projects and toys

Conduct experiments from home

Happens every Saturday

Science Festival

Zoom/Youtube live sessions

Celebrate science with fun sessions

Scientists, researchers & experts speak

Mix of games & practical sessions

120 mins online LIVE session

Last Saturday of Every Month

Subject matter expert

Interactive zoom sessions

Learning management System

STEM based research update

Interviews with eminent personalities

VIP access to special sessions

Happens every Saturday

Science-Based Games and Simulations

Zoom/Youtube live sessions

Science-based games

Online simulations

Kahoot sessions

Quiz and assignment

Happens every Saturday

Join us for 4 weekly sessions every month, where your child will learn a new topic in Science. For kids with an interest in STEM, this is the place to be!

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Amazing learnings every month

Affordable and Clean Energy

UNESCO’s initiative: SDGs

Become an energy savior

Renewable energy resources and Technology

Make your own energy efficient devices at home

Track your Energy consumption

Halloween Science Party

How can Science be spooky?

Make Halloween science devices

Science of Shadows

Fluorescence and phosphorescence

Mysteries of Chemicals

Astronomy and Me

Rocket Science

Sky Gazing in detail

Science of Telescopes

Astronomy Math Hacks

Our Solar System

Build a Chandrayan prototype

Bio Investigator series

bio-investigator scienceutsav

Study of enzymes

Awareness against COVID19

Study of germs and viruses

Extract DNA from food products

Study of Reproduction

Study of Genes and Genetics

Learning space for explorers and Science enthusiasts.

Science with Makerscientist is an initiative to drive kids towards the STEM education. With each energy-filled session children inculcate design thinking into their learning habit. A family hour full-of ideas exchange, hands-on learning is a great opportunity for children to enjoy science with minimum screentime.

Special Coding Sessions | Special Workshops | Special Assignments

Top reasons why Science with Makerscientist is a perfect environment for your child

  • Science with Makerscientist is an online workshop for kids who love science and never shy away from exploring. It is a safe space for kids to engage into experiential learning and get a break from rot-learning.

  • Kids are awarded certificate with logo with completion of each course and get access to our online learning library with the class content, quizzes, assignments and more.

  • Get hands-on STEM learning program through mind-blowing science projects, experiments, models and prototypes.

  • The most affordable nationwide STEM learning program to help budding scientists and engineers explore STEM fields and chose them as future careers.

  • With sessions every Saturday students stay engaged with tasks, ideas and new questions kindling in their mind.

Some exciting videos of experiments from the Science Festival for Bio Investigator series!

Makerscientists create science from everything around them. Are you ready to become one?

Other Options Available


24 Classes


Get a curriculum based experiment kit delivered home and learn science online through our STEM certified instructors.


24 Classes


Learn age-specific coding programs that enhance logical reasoning and critical thinking among school children.


24 Classes


Learn Internet of Things and Automation that is the most trending technology of today which will be useful for the future.

Steps to consider before enrolling

  • Click on the Pay Now button to go to the Course Page.
  • Log in to the Course Page with your Email address & Password.
  • Make the payment and you will be added to the Course automatically.
  • If your child misses any class, they can watch the replay of the session anytime during the duration.
  • There will be self-make certificates issued after the end of each topic.
  • This membership is non-transferable & non-refundable under any circumstance.
  • The timings of the classes are generally Sat 5pm. Changes will be informed in advance.


(This could be changed to a different time on certain weekends to accommodate special speakers.)

Know your Tutor

Arundhuti Makerscientist

Arundhuti Chowdhury has already taught 5000+ students online through various initiatives related to activity-based learning methods. She has been innovating and creating content to help children learn through experiments.

She is a professional Educator with a teaching experience of over 5 years. Her love for Science and Mathematics has driven her to educate young minds and ignite their passion in these fields.

  • ScienceUtsav has worked with 2,50,000+ children at 200+ schools
  • Recognized by Department of Science & Technology (Govt of India) for running STEM programs for its 90+ schools across the country
  • Featured in 50+ newspapers for its unique style of teaching
  • Setup science centers across 30+ cities
  • Awarded top 10 educational startups of Maharashtra
  • org certified and accredited
  • Curated & conducted the biggest Science Festival in India at the Tyagraj Indoor Stadium, Delhi
  • Worked with 7/10 top-ranked schools in Mumbai & 5/10 top-ranked schools in Bangalore
  • India’s first STEM enabled Learning Management System

Arundhuti is especially passionate about UNESCO’s Sustainable Development goals and is curating a program related to affordable & clean energy to inspire students to save energy!

Having worked offline as well as online she has a knack of integrating worthwhile, interactive and fun teaching methodologies helping students enjoy their learning process.

She is writing a book with some exciting ideas to make learning fun and exciting for all age groups using a unique pedagogy!

Not convinced how this club can help your child? Book a 15 mins 1-on-1 Zoom Call with MakerScientist Arundhuti to get an assessment and roadmap for your child’s STEM journey for FREE.

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