A child-centric vacation program that will
enlighten your child about Science concepts.


Event date: Dec 25th,2021

The Christmas Family Masti gives a chance for your family to bond while conducting some fun experiments! It introduces concepts of Biology & Math’s to your child through an engaging and immersive learning experience. It is ideal for families with kids 7+ years to participate and get inspired about our planet, our universe, and its beauties.

This Christmas let’s have fun through hands-on Science activities!!

Event date: Dec 25th,2021

Christmas Family Masti comprises of




Family Activities


Science talks



Kahoot Quizzes

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Learning Outcomes from the Program

Bio- Investigator series

Age 7-10: Peep Into Your Body

  • Temperature receptor of skin
  • 3D vision of an eye
  • Human Digestion
  • Ear and Eardrum Model
  • Find your lung Capacity
Bio- Investigator series (2)

Age 10+: Decoding Life – All About DNA

  • DNA Sequencing through Model
  • Extraction of DNA of a fruit
  • Are fingerprints inherited?
  • Investigation of Alien Genetics
  • DNA game
Investigator series (3)

Age 10+: Practical Maths – Back to basics

  • Wonder of 9
  • Subtraction – Ban the borrowing
  • Solve Puzzles
  • Trick questions
  • Aptitude and reasoning
  • Maths in day to day life

What skills your child will get from this program

STEM Education

STEM Education

Make your child aware of science & technology in daily life using various streams of Science as a tool of study.

Better retention

Better Retention

From Rote Learning to Family bonding to learn science – Your child will understand better and remember more.

Scientific acumen

Scientific Acumen

In 2 hours, gauge if your child is interested in science & technology to further enhance their interest in the subject.

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Know your Tutor

Arundhuti Makerscientist

Arundhuti Chowdhury has already taught 5000+ students online through various initiatives related to activity-based learning methods. She has been innovating and creating content to help children learn through experiments.

She is a professional Educator with a teaching experience of over 5 years. Her love for Science and Mathematics has driven her to educate young minds and ignite their passion in these fields.

  • ScienceUtsav has worked with 2,50,000+ children at 200+ schools
  • Recognized by Department of Science & Technology (Govt of India) for running STEM programs for its 90+ schools across the country
  • Featured in 50+ newspapers for its unique style of teaching
  • Setup science centers across 30+ cities
  • Awarded top 10 educational startups of Maharashtra
  • org certified and accredited
  • Curated & conducted the biggest Science Festival in India at the Tyagraj Indoor Stadium, Delhi
  • Worked with 7/10 top-ranked schools in Mumbai & 5/10 top-ranked schools in Bangalore
  • India’s first STEM enabled Learning Management System

Arundhuti is especially passionate about UNESCO’s Sustainable Development goals and is curating a program related to affordable & clean energy to inspire students to save energy!

Having worked offline as well as online she has a knack of integrating worthwhile, interactive and fun teaching methodologies helping students enjoy their learning process.

She is writing a book with some exciting ideas to make learning fun and exciting for all age groups using a unique pedagogy!

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